About Us


Decca Group, specialised in Education and IT, currently manage three divisions which provide education, IT Services and access to recruitment opportunities. The Education division Ark Tuition provides supplementary education to children from aged 8 onwards up to 18 and short courses for adults. The IT division of Decca Group, ITTrends provides IT services to small and medium businesses..

Our Mission

Our mission is to become one of the leading providers of education and IT services in the East London area. Through our businesses we aim to help children and the community in best possible way we can.

Why Choose Us

We believe that the quality and the integrity start from home. We are a family business and we understand the value of family and its importance for child development. We are committed to continually seek to reach high standards in all areas of our work. Our services are affordable and cost effective without compromising quality. We are reachable with ease and we value our customers greatly.


Sam Wattuhewa

Sam currently works in a state school as a Full Time teacher and also works as a Maths Tutor. Sam has been in the education industry for over 20 years.

Nalika Danthasinghe

Nalika currently works as an A Level Maths Tutor. She has been working in the Higher Education sector leading a large team of Academics and in an Independent School as a teacher.